Support for living from one's Authentic Source

To live with increasing authenticity, especially that approaching radical authenticity, often is not easy. Muddied internal waters, whether from outside factors or internal ones, or a combination of the two, frequently make discernment itself a challenge. Often, too, there is a chrysalis period, a period of letting go of one way of being and entering a dark tunnel of transformation before the next form emerges. Then there is often the need for moral support or encouragement to move past one's fears and follow through on what one feels called or guided to do, even if just to stay actively discerning in the dark. Such movement of the Spirit happens all the time, but is especially apparent as one enters a new phase of life. However, in general the culture in which we live, often including our family and friends, has a difficult time providing the support we need to navigate through such times. Consequently, I offer support for such authentic processes and movement (or seeming lack of it) through both private sessions and a weekly group series.

1. Spiritual Guidance/Spiritual Direction (Individual sessions)

Spiritual guidance, often referred to as spiritual direction or spiritual companioning, is a way of being deeply present and listening with another to discern the movement or call of Spirit—one's most Authentic Source—in one’s life. (See below for its distinction from psychotherapy and life coaching.) The person who acts as a spiritual guide or spiritual director does not direct what to do, but is an outside professional who helps an individual discern and support this movement, direction, or call for one’s unfolding. Being very personal and sacred, sessions are preferably conducted in-person, though occasionally may be held over the phone.

Such outside assistance is frequently very helpful, for to live from one’s Authentic Source often involves living very counter-culturally, against the grain not only of embedded cultural consciousness, but also one’s well-established defense mechanisms. To live increasingly more authentically, one inevitably experiences moving against the strong magnetic pull of ego’s need for security, stature, and embrace—powerful psychic elements in which most individuals and societies are deeply anchored.

The stance of living from one’s Authentic Source, therefore, is that of surrender to that which is far more fundamental than ego -- sensing and trusting that doing so leads to greater overall life. However, in such surrender, the prospect for greater overall life or abundance is not necessarily one’s immediate experience. Given our anxieties and fears, often loss, destitution, death or annihilation seem likely outcomes. Consequently, support for trusting in the providence of one’s Authentic Source, substantiated by reflection on one’s experiences, can go a long way toward increased authenticity and ultimate sense of vitality and meaning.

Because this personal and sacred work is often facilitated by the comfort/trust level the individual experiences with the spiritual guide/director, I offer a free exploratory session with no further expectations. To contact me about setting up a session or for further information,
click here.

2. The Practice and Dynamics of Radical Authenticity (Group series)

This weekly series of eight two-hour sessions draws upon the rich experience and wisdom of the group to provide support for individual discernment and follow-through action. For further information about the current offering
click here or to inquire about the next offering, please contact me.

3. Spiritual Retreats

contact me to discuss your specific interest and situation.

Spiritual Guidance/Direction as Distinct from Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

Both psychotherapy and life coaching also involve highly personal work that is generally conducted in one-on-one sessions. While at times the boundaries between all three types of work may somewhat overlap, it is the particular intention or stance of spiritual guidance/direction that sets it apart. In general, psychotherapy focuses upon resolving egoic dis-ease, however severe; life coaching focuses upon achieving the desires of the egoic personality. As noted above, the unique focus of spiritual guidance/direction is beyond ego: It is upon discerning and supporting the movement or call of Spirit/Authentic Source directing one’s truest unfolding in the world.

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