The Call of Authenticity:

Loving Embrace of Self and Others

A Workshop on the Practice and Dynamics of Radical Authenticity

An Eight-Week Series

(Offered in the San Francisco, CA area. Next offering to be determined. Please contact me if interested in scheduling the series in your area.)

Do you wish to live more authentically—to follow the call from your truest selfmore of the time? Perhaps most of us do. Yet even just discerning what that means in a given instance often is not easy, nor is trusting enough to actually follow it. Living authentically frequently involves going against old ingrained patterns, living against cultural norms/expectations, and venturing out on unaccustomed limbs.

In this very personal workshop, we explore both individually and as a group what it means—in practice—to really live our unique lives more authentically. Looking at our individual circumstances, we’ll consider both what constitutes a full embrace of ourselves, and of others as well (radical authenticity draws on the principle that we are all inherently interconnected). With ever-deeper insight into our truth, we will look at our daily experiences, explore new approaches and ways of being, and observe what happens when we are more authentic, and when we are less so. In this group we’ll create support for moving toward greater authenticity—greater loving embrace of our self/Self, and others—the only growth that truly matters.

As a sacred exploration, together we will create a sacred container in which to support each other to engage in it.

Facilitated by
Bill Kueppers, PhD, the sessions will draw both upon both his own years of research on authenticity, and the group’s rich experiences and wisdom to provide support for individual discernment and follow-through response.

—> Items to bring: your life, a journal, and most essentially, your true sense of humor.

Two offerings:

In Marin (San Anselmo, CA, USA):


In East Bay (Alameda, CA, USA):


To ensure personal nature of workshop,
it is available to a maximum of 8 participants.

To register or for more information, please contact Bill Kueppers at 510.522.2270 or

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"Bill truly set a tone of how this work impacts everything you do, and it moved us into deep and complex areas right off the bat . . . I also appreciated the way that Bill allowed for poetry and the nonlinear aspects of the struggle with authenticity to emerge and to help us understand the deeper nature of this calling."

- Marcia Jaffe, President, The Bali Institute for Global Renewal

"After reading Bill Kueppers' dissertation on "The Practice and Dynamics of Authenticity" several years ago, I had the immediate thought: "Bill should be teaching this." When I received a flyer that he was about to do just that, I was on the phone the next morning to sign up for the workshop.

My instantaneous, without-a-hesitation response to the opportunity to be a participant was confirmed experientially. The eight sessions were full and rich and deep on so many levels. They were full and rich with the information Bill presented,

rich and deep in the experiences and inquiries shared by the participants, and opening and powerful in the way it was led.

I weekly experienced subtle but powerful shifts and changes in my "outside life" which I attributed not only to the content of the sessions and to the homework, but also to the clarity of the group intention and the integrity, depth, and PRESENCE of Bill as a leader. The workshop was in truth, for me, a beginning--and the process of questioning and opening has continued to flower."

Lu Stevenson, Artist

Committed to lifelong learning and living authentically, Bill Kueppers ‘walks his talk.’ He's a deeply compassionate and insightful guide on the spiritual journey. Having attended one of his authenticity workshops, I highly recommend them to others seeking to discern and follow the call of their own soul."

Marilyn R. Veltrop, PhD, Transformational Guide

I have known Bill Kueppers for twenty years and I have never seen him waiver on his deep commitment to living a truly authentic life and supporting others in their efforts as well. I have also seen Bill struggle, authentically, with what living authentically looks like and what it can cost in the short run. Because he knows what it means from the inside out to live one's truth, and has also done outstanding research in this area, he is the perfect teacher for this work: wise, humble, knowledgeable and supportive.”

Rachel Eryn Kalish, Conflict Resolution Specialist,
Facilitator and Trainer

In a group guided by Bill Kueppers, you are in good hands. Bill is a soul. His capacities for depth, for response to another person, for feeling, sensitivity, and empathy are more than genuine. Bill has been there. If there is one person I know who lives his authenticity, it is he.

Anne Hillman, Author, The Dancing Animal Woman:
A Celebration of Life

Bill Kueppers models the compassionate wisdom path and through pure intention and sincere connection, creates a safe haven for self exploration, expression and manifestation. Bill exudes and evokes genuine kindness and mutually engaging,nurturing communion.

HRS, Entrepreneur & Investor

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